Food 10.0 by Jaqui Karr (not nutrition101 that other so-called experts are teaching – these are the true healthy diet plans)

healthy diet plans

Jaqui is famous for her sarcasm and edgy delivery; she’s also famous for her seriously in-depth knowledge of food and always being the first one to bust the myths and help people avoid the mistakes that lead them to fail.

This is a 3-part audio that takes it way beyond “eat your veggies”. Forget nutrition101. Welcome to Food 10.0
1) Paleo – how to mess it up, how to get it right, and the flaws in the original Paleo Diet
2) Gluten – explained like never before and important whether you have Celiac Disease or not
3) Food 10.0  (doesn’t that name say it all?!!)
What you get: a healthy, glowing, well oiled machine every time you look in the mirror. The jet to health is taking off, are you on board? Click here for details

How to Eat for Digestive Wellness | An audio program by Jaqui Karrdigestive wellness

Jaqui is skipping the biology lessons and getting straight to what you need: real world tools. Tips, tricks, simple cooking techniques that will supercharge your meals. Plus the common mistakes that lead to harmful imbalances and create an environment for disease in your body. All in a fantastic audio program that you can listen to anytime, anywhere.

Digestive wellness and healthy diet plans aren’t just about eating the right foods, it is also about how to eat them and knowing great ways to help your body process them better. The tricks of an expert explained like only Jaqui can. Everyone else will give you the blah, blah, blah; Jaqui gives you the real tools and practical tricks to apply to your life immediately.  Click here for details

gluten free diets and celiac diseaseGluten Demystified | THE Essential Toolkit for Celiac Disease and a true Gluten Free Diet

Jaqui Karr’s signature program – she was the first to bring myths and legal loopholes to light. This program explains what is wrong with testing (you want to know that before seeing your doctor) and all the pitfalls that come with Celiac Disease, but more importantly: all the solutions to managing a gluten free diet! Healthy diet plans start with the right information. You don’t need to “survive Celiac”, you can get up to speed quickly and get back to living a normal life.

Jaqui says:  “It’s all the information I wish I had before and after being diagnosed. Had I known all this before, I would have prevented triggering this disease, and had I had all this information, accurate tools, and guidance afterwards, I would have avoided a lot of trial and error.”  Click here for details

Healing From Gluten Damage | Jaqui Karr’s personal planhealing from gluten damage

She went from almost dead to running 10 miles a day, just 90 days after doctors wrote her off and told her she’d need drugs forever and years to heal. How did she recover that fast and what, exactly, day by day, did she do?

For the first time ever, Jaqui gets very personal and brings you her exact steps to wellness. She will share all the little tricks she used with 2 decades of sports nutrition knowledge to build back her health and how you can use the same tricks to improve yours and help you with your healing from gluten damage. Her unique background created very unique results… but anyone can get those same results: you just need Jaqui’s winning blueprint. Click here for details!