chronic pain: stop suffering in silence

chronic pain: stop suffering in silence

chronic pain: stop suffering in silence

Recently I’ve realized a very distressing fact: a LOT of people are walking around every day suffering in silence. They feel anywhere from not-so-good to outright horrible and yet they are saying nothing, pushing through, taking care of business and taking care of their families…. while enduring chronic pain.

Somehow we have come to believe that pain is “normal” and we even minimize the issue by using the word “symptom” (which sounds like an innocent sneeze) rather than “pain”. Pain of every kind from constant headaches to digestive issues at almost every meal to joint pain that they are writing off to just “getting older”.

…those are actually pretty specific issues. It gets even worse with the more vague issues like eating less, working out more, and yet not losing a pound. Who do you talk to about a mysterious thing like that? Or do you just write that off to slower metabolism due to “getting older” too?

Then we have issues no one wants to talk about – not even to their doctor: decreased libido, sexual “discomfort”, and even complete impotence. I recently had a lady ask if “dryness” at 34 years old was normal (no, it is not… none of these problems are normal).

Now let me just state something outright here: I don’t think gluten is the only evil in our food supply and although I have dozens of medical studies linking all of the above to gluten, I’ll still say it doesn’t mean gluten is the culprit 100% of the time.

So this post is not one about gluten damage specifically but about bad food in general.

In a simple sentence: don’t eat chemically loaded, irradiated, genetically mutated, never-expires, impossible to digest garbage that is cleverly disguised as food.

It looks like food.

It tastes like food if your palate has forgotten the real thing.

It even smells like food! Close your eyes and smell your dishwashing detergent – smells like real lemon, right? …think about that for a moment… If your dishwashing detergent and laundry detergent could fool you for real lemons in a blindfolded test, imagine what these brilliant manufacturers with their top notch bio-engineers can do to your ice cream and tomato soup.

Now think about this: all the people who go to huge alternative therapy centers with diseases like 4th stage cancer and come out 3 months later completely healthy with no detection of any cancer. There are thousands of those cases that have been documented as “medical miracles” since hospitals have been keeping records. “Miracles” my @#$.

So if those simple healing methods that use nothing but the power of pure food and ancient cleanses can reverse diabetes, make cancer cells disappear, and so much more – guess what it can do for all the little ailments you might be feeling?

Stop suffering in silence. Your body is powerful. Your body KNOWS how to heal. You just need to give it the right environment. Get back to real organic food and start experiencing “miracles” of your own.

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