cleansing without starvation

I’ll just say it: I’m not a fan of self starvation. Not even for a cause. No disrespect to hunger strikers but isn’t it letting the opposition win by weakening oneself? …never mind….another topic for another day

The topic here is all this emphasis on cleansing and fasting and water only… and I’ve tried it myself so that I would know firsthand – I have to say: it doesn’t feel good. My experience with fasts longer than 24-48 hours (my record is 11 days on water alone) has never been good. Ever. I’m still sporting the bump on my head from a faint & fall I took during The Master Cleanse.

I definitely think we all need to cleanse on a regular basis. If you saw the movie “What in the World Are They Spraying” (which brings chem trails to light) then you know that you have to do deep metal cleanses constantly even if you are an organic raw foodist! (BTW, full length movie is available on YouTube, but do support them and buy the DVD like I did if you can) That’s just from the air we breathe – never mind if you have a “regular” diet.

However I have always believed and continue to believe starvation isn’t the answer. It takes hard work for your body to rid itself of toxins; shouldn’t it be fueled well to do all that hard work?

The answer is super greens. Lots and lots of green juice, lots of amazing salads, all the “mega cleansers” like beets, cilantro, parsley, ginger,… pretty much everything that is powerful in the produce aisle.


mega cleansing salad with 5 kinds of sprouts!

mega cleansing salad with 5 kinds of sprouts!

Add to that lots and lots of sprouts of all varieties – sprouts carry oxygen into your system. Oxygen is good. It’s always good, cleanse or not.

Plus when you eat a mountain of a “cleansing salad” like the one you see here, guess what? You can happily do it regularly and won’t be feeling anxious, moody, nor faint in the process. It can even be dangerous when not monitored by qualified professionals!

Food is your friend. Food heals. Food helps. Love real food and it’ll love you back. And if you’re not ready to eat totally pure all the time, that’s cool – just do it s-o-m-e- of the time (regularly) so that you can counter the ill effects of things like deep fried chocolate bars (shivers go down my spine imagining that sugar, oil, gluten, fats and carcinogens hitting your system) but hey, 2 steps forward and 1 back is better than no steps forward. Baby steps. ANY steps in the right direction are good.

Mega green cleansing salads: make them a regular part of your diet and hopefully dedicate at least one day a week to nothing but super greens… and reds, yellows, oranges, purples…  

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