Destroying Children with the Cloak of ADHD

Destroying Children with the Cloak of ADHD: Parents Need to Pay Attention

ADHD, your child, drugs, corruption,… are words that should not be in the same sentence – or same conversation for that matter. Recently a study1 was published that makes it questionable whether this generation of children stand even a remote fighting chance against the pharmaceutical companie$.  …they do if their parents are informed…

Let us start with the conclusion of the study: “Later start of stimulant drug treatment of attention/hyperactivity disorder is associated with academic decline in mathematics.” Translation: if you want your kids to do well in school you need to get them on stimulant drugs as early as possible, hopefully while still in the womb.

The fact that one of the researchers on the study received funding from a pharmaceutical company that makes drugs to treat ADHD is more than wrong; it should be outright illegal to have such a conflict of interest – but that’s another conversation.

The statistics2 are out of control and climbing: almost 1 in 10 children in America are diagnosed with ADHD and over 65% of them are currently on prescription medication. Medications that have dozens of side effects.  Medications that can cause irreversible damage, trigger auto-immune disorders, cause insomnia, stomach disorders,….  And yet we see quotes like this: “There are obvious benefits of getting started sooner rather than later,” J. Russell Ramsay says to Reuters Health; he studies ADHD at the University of Pennsylvania’s Perelman School of Medicine in Philadelphia.

In the Reuter’s article, titled “Early ADHD treatment may ward off problems in school“, they start off by suggesting that kids will have trouble in school if they are not on drugs before the age of 11 or 12. ELEVEN OR TWELVE. …one tries to be an “objective journalist” and just report the facts but at times like this it gets challenging…

Has it occurred to anyone to check the diets of these kids? The massive sugar spikes they are getting hit with every day, hyper-active reactions to gluten – which is making its way to the top of the highly inflammatory food list, liters of soda pop that create brain malfunction, rocket fuel in our water supply that causes every kind of system malfunction, excitotoxins, hormones and steroids via non-organic animal products, the chemical cocktails sprayed on to the few fruit and vegetables they might be eating… the list is just too long to make it possible for children (and adults) to NOT have foggy brains, depression, or ADHD – among hundreds of other disorders. Has anyone thought to try an all natural, organic, plant strong diet and see how children perform?

I recently interviewed Dr. O’Bryan, who is a world authority on gluten and a clinician of the highest caliber in treating chronic disease and metabolic disorders from a Functional Medicine Perspective.  He holds teaching Faculty positions with the Institute for Functional Medicine and The National University of Life Sciences and he said 50% of the time when they take kids off gluten they see immediate results. Two things to note there: 1) that’s just gluten, never mind the rest of the chemical warfare children have to process  2) “immediate” results, which means either there are other disruptors present or the child needs long term system cleansing. Either way, drugs are not the answer.

The problems AND answers lie in food. Sadly the pharmaceutical companie$ will do everything in their power to get the “experts” and medical community to say otherwise. Even sadder is that for the mainstream, whatever the guy in the white lab coat says must be true.

The CDC site itself has a page3 that provides parents with a checklist to help them pre-qualify their child before rushing to their doctor for a pre$cription. Items on that list: “Often does not seem to listen when spoken to directly” and “Is often easily distracted” …traits that would have had 100% of us diagnosed with ADHD when we were kids. Tragically sad.

Horrendous diets can certainly cause issues, but it’s also important that parents remember that kids are just kids and most normal kids “act up” and cause trouble. Always have, always will – unless sedated. Please let your kids be kids.

click on photo for everything you need to know about gluten

click on photo for everything you need to know about gluten













1Helga Zoëga, Kenneth J. Rothman, et al. A Population-Based Study of Stimulant Drug Treatment of ADHD and Academic Progress in Children. Pediatrics peds.2011-3493; Published online June 25, 2012 (10.1542/peds.2011-3493)

2Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


2 thoughts on “Destroying Children with the Cloak of ADHD

  1. Though I believe my son is truly ADHD (not just reacting to certain foods), going from play-oriented learning in daycare to being forced to sit at a desk in kindergarten certainly didn’t help. He went from an occasional disruption to a constant one. When I was in kindergarten, learning was done through play, not by sitting at desks and doing worksheets. I think that particular change was one for the worst. No child that I know of is truly ready to sit at a desk for 4-7 hours a day at the age of 5. If they would make kindergarten play-oriented again, I think many these issues would disappear.

  2. You are correct. My Mom was a volunteer years ago in a Special Ed school. Those kids were branded for life, but she insisted that they have regular Medical doctor checkups. Over HALF of the kids had something physically wrong with them — one an un-diagnosed broken back! When the physical situations were addressed, and their diet radically changed — most had high-sugar content, more than 85 percent of the children in that class were found to be NORMAL.

    Also, it is a sobering fact that practically ALL of the kids who have been involved in recent, tragic murder/suicide incidents have been on psychotropic drugs. When we were kids we didn’t have these drugs and we didn’t have these incidents, either.

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