Feb 1: time to ditch the useless new year’s resolution

Raw Almond Truffle (from "The Party")

Raw Almond Truffle (from “The Party”) click on the picture to check it out

By now you’ve realized that the so called “new year’s resolution” generally doesn’t work (that’s why most gym memberships have 3 month minimums).

It doesn’t matter if your goal was to actually lose weight or just adopt a healthier diet, chances are it didn’t work. Ditch it. I’ve got a better way…

The ONE thing you need to do today is:

Choose your #1 offender. What is the worst thing in your diet? Come on, you can admit it, no one’s looking. Ok, so whatever that 1 thing is, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find a replacement that you actually enjoy.

3 Examples:

Mega deluxe double cheeseburger: make it a lean burger (even better would be a black bean or quinoa burger) on gluten free bun. FYI you don’t need to have Celiac /Coeliac Disease to eat a gluten free meal, it’s better for everyone and definitely better for those trying to lose weight.

Cheesecake: make a raw one out of cashews. Yes, nuts are high on fat but good fats are great for you – don’t listen to the ridiculous uninformed telling you otherwise. Skip the sugar and chemically loaded things posing as strawberries (tip: high gloss lacquer finishes don’t come naturally with real food) and top your cake with actual unadulterated fruit.

The 3pm chocolate chip cookies: replace with high protein raw almond cookies and remember that no one is stopping you from adding pure chocolate chips to them. Richer flavor, packed with nutrition and anti-oxidants, and your skinny jeans will see the light of day.

…you get the idea… now pick your worst offender and if you don’t know where to go for healthy replacements, subscribe to me for free on RebelMouse for thousands of great recipes and celebrate food with me.

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