diagnosing celiac / coeliac disease: ARCHAIC MADNESS

When I was first diagnosed with Celiac Disease years ago I started reading everything in sight about it (I don’t mean the online junk & misinformation, I mean medical studies). I also started attending lectures given by doctors and specialists. ….good thing I’m stubborn and know how amazing and resilient the human body can be if given the right conditions…

I was amazed by what I heard by some of these “experts”: things like “I’ve never met a Celiac who feels like a million bucks” or “statistics show Celiacs never truly regain 100% health after triggering the disease”…. SAY WHHHHAAAAATTTTT?!?!!!???!

And then came Dr. O’Bryan. He was brilliant, progressive-thinking, AND believed in the human body. A world renowned expert and sought after speaker internationally, he really resonated well with me in his message and I wanted to hear every word he said.

Dr. Tom O'Bryan

Dr. Tom O’Bryan

Now it is my privilege to share some of his words in an interview where we discuss one of the most important things about Celiac / Coeliac: why it is missed so often and falsely diagnosed as negative so much. There’s a REAL FLAW IN THE MEDICAL SYSTEM (surprise, surprise) and what you need to know about it is in this interview.

Enjoy this full length FREE MP3 and be sure to get Gluten Demystified afterwards to really understand this world of gluten and Celiac / Coeliac. There’s no need to suffer. Knowledge is your best ally.

As for Dr. O’Bryan, a million thanks for his generosity and time, and recently speaking with him I can confirm we will, together, bring you more critical information.

Wishing you great health on both our behalf, and reminding you that you CAN feel absolutely positively 100% healthy and FANTASTIC every single day. I am living proof of it, back from death’s door after the medical system gave up on me.

Jaqui Karr


2 thoughts on “diagnosing celiac / coeliac disease: ARCHAIC MADNESS

  1. This interview was sensational. I have the HLA-DQ8 genotype and have a high sensitivity to Coeliac and a bucket load of symptoms but my biopsy was all with in the normal limits. Thanks for making me feel like I’m not a hypercondriac.

  2. THANK YOU SOOO MUCH FOR THIS INTERVIEW! I almost cried … I found your site recently and this is by far the most informative… Two weeks ago I was so dehydrated that I needed an IV to hydrate my body … I had been traveling and even though I ask for a celiac menu at restaurants, I evidently ate something with gluten… I vomited for 2 weeks thinking I had a bug, but the migraine, pain and abdominal bloating finally left me with the shakes, facial numbness, throat feeling like i couldnt breathe, a racing heart , mental confusion and finally total dehydration … I ended up at the dr with an IV IN MY ARM … thank you for your testimony … I now eat only salad at a restaurant with my own dressing … I will keep following your site …sandra

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