gluten and the fear factor

I’m sick and tired of the fear factor related to gluten. Anyone else?

food is your life force - don't lose sight of that

food is your life force – don’t lose sight of that

For those of us living with Celiac / Coeliac Disease and not just eating gluten free as a healthier option, it is serious business. The dangers are everywhere.

Yes, we need to be careful. Yes, we need to be informed. I am as acute as it gets. The couple of times I have been contaminated (including by a kiss from a boyfriend who ate a sandwich 3 hours prior) my reaction time is about 20 minutes and the pain goes on for days. …I know more than anyone how important it is to be on top of this thing called Celiac / Coeliac Disease.

I’m the first one to say that if it’s a question of taking a risk or skipping a meal, skip the meal. Goodness knows I’ve gone hungry often enough when traveling and was unsure about my options. I’ve also been the lonely solitary voice calling out governments for their loose laws and even the Celiac Associations for blindly following them. Believe me, when you put yourself in the line of fire like that, it isn’t because you don’t take the topic seriously.

However, and it’s a big however: we can’t live in perpetual fear either. It’s counter-productive. Food can’t become “the enemy”, and that is what is happening to a lot of people.

A major storm that hit the Celiac / Coeliac community was coffee’s effects and whether coffee is gluten free or not; the latest storm is mushrooms… I’m not even going to address any of the specifics in this post. This article isn’t about learning yet another detail on hidden sources of gluten or cross-reactors but it is about attitude. A better attitude on the topic will create a calmer state of mind. With that, you’ll be able to do the right research without heightened feelings of stress there to slow you down.

So here’s your take-away today: food isn’t the enemy, be sure to remember that food is good. As a society we allowed mad science experiments to infiltrate our food supply and now we have to deal with the consequences of that… but what’s done is done. Moving forward make sure you love and appreciate pure healthy food and pure healthy living.

Enough with the fear surrounding gluten. Yes, do be informed – of course! Let’s just all be smart and informed as we enjoy our luscious delicious gluten free foods and healthy gluten free lifestyles.

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