green tea benefits: anti-cancer, healthy body weight, and more

green tea: anti-cancer, healthy body weight, and moreI’m going to jump right into the incredible benefits of drinking green tea – and if you’re interested – I’ll get into the “how” at the end as far as the anti-cancer properties and the healthy body weight & weight loss effects.

The main component of green tea is EGCG – which has some excellent effects such as reducing incidence of cancer and tumors.  It lowers blood cholesterol, controls blood pressure, terminates influenza virus, kills bacteria, and even prevents halitosis.  Each cup of green tea contains 100-200mg of EGCG.

Additional benefits with corresponding components are:

  • Diuretic (caffeine)
  • Helps carbohydrate metabolism (vitamin B complex)
  • Lowers blood pressure (amino butyric acid)
  • Lowers blood sugar (polysaccharides)
  • Potent antioxidant (polyphenols)
  • Prevents cavities (fluoride)
  • Prevents influenza (vitamin C)
  • Promotes a healthy body weight
  • Promotes beautiful skin, hair, nails (vitamin E)
  • Reduces stress (vitamin C)
  • Slows down aging  (vitamin E)
  • Strengthens blood vessels (flavonoids)

Important consumption facts:

  • Don’t add milk!  It negates the beneficial properties
  • Of course do not add toxic processed sugar or sweeteners
  • Decaffeinating tea reduces its healing properties so if it keeps you up at night, just make it your morning beverage but drink it in its natural form
  • I’m not a fan of regular tea bags (not even because of possible gluten issues with mystery “flavoring” added). Once you get used to the rich flavor of tea leaves (not to mention that common sense says they keep their healing properties when not processed and crushed into almost powder form and squished into bags), you won’t like tea bags. Even if you are rushing to work and need it to go, here is an awesome tea tumbler you can use. It’s super easy to clean, perfect to take anywhere,  and a more eco-friendly option. Keep a container of tea leaves in your office and this tumbler will allow you to have great tea all the time.
  • Don’t boil the tea. Boiling water damages green tea, you want 175 degrees. “Jaqui, how on earth do I measure that?” LOL I hear you… the not-so-accurate but better-than-nothing way is to turn off the heat before boiling point or if it’s already boiled you can let it sit for 10 minutes to cool down a bit before adding your tea. The easy and very accurate way is to have a variable temperature kettle that allows you to get the perfect temperature for green, white, oolong, black, and even coffee with the push of one button. Couldn’t live without mine.

It seems like there are hundreds of teas out there – the truth is, they all belong to three main tea families:  Black, Green, Oolong.    The difference?  Their level of oxidization (fermentation).   The least oxidized and healthiest choice is green tea, Oolong is only partially oxidized, and Black tea is fully oxidized.  Why does it matter?  The less processed the tea, the higher the level of antioxidants – which are so good for you.

But don’t toss out all your black tea because black has different properties of its own. But our focus is on green today…

Anti-Cancer properties: EGCG, which stands for epigallocatechin gallate.  This is the element in green tea that kills cancer cells.  Actually, it forces the cells to self-destruct.  Not kidding.  The scientific term is “apoptosis”.  Not only can EGCG kill some cancer cells, it can also prevent them from forming to begin with (which is why you should start drinking green tea daily!).  Urokinase is the enzyme required for tumors to form, and EGCG has an inhibitory effect on that enzyme.

Weight Loss Components: notice I say “components” and not “component”. That’s because it isn’t one particular element that creates the benefit. Several elements create a detox effect which simply helps your body function better, melt and flush fat easier, and in turn maintain a healthy weight easier. …of course you can sabotage it with tons of toxic stuff you are mistakenly calling “food” …but assuming you are eating relatively well, green tea will definitely makes things all that much better.

…I’ll keep giving you information on how different foods will help you in various ways whether it is to power up or detox or give you a hand with reaching your ideal body weight… but I do want to say I am hoping you are realizing that it’s a combination of things that leads to good health. There might be some tricks and shortcuts (I’ll share the healthy ones with you) but there is no magic bullet (despite the kazillion dollar “fast weight loss” industry). Do it right, do it well, and it lasts a lifetime in a relaxed effortless way…

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