Jamie Oliver – YOU’RE SO OUT!

Yesterday it hit my radar screen that one of “Mr. Health Advocate” himself’s restaurants served regular pasta to a Celiac. Being a Celiac myself and knowing the risk I take every time I eat out, the story didn’t affect me in a casual low key manner. …more like I found myself screaming “WTF?”



Strike 1 Mr. Oliver: serving endangered species tuna in your restaurants long after someone enlightened you about them being on the extinct list (I’m not convinced he didn’t know in the first place)

Strike 2 Mr. Oliver: not running your restaurants carefully. It’s nice to be a celebrity, but damn it, you’re still responsible for what happens when your name is on it – so be on it!

I turned a blind eye to his lack of nutritional knowledge when he hit the speaking circuit because I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt. I wanted to believe that his intentions were good and he’d catch up on actually knowing what he was talking about at some point. But this?

HE’S OUT in my book. I don’t need strike 3.

Advice to the person(s) who got contaminated: seek out the lawyer of the person who sued McDonalds for hot coffee burning them. Option 2: seek out the prosecutor in North Carolina who got jail time for the baker who was serving regular bread and labeling it gluten-free. A serious message has to be sent to people who don’t take auto-immune diseases (or even just allergies for that matter) seriously.

Moving on…

In Gluten Demystified I talk about the questions to ask when dining out. So here’s a question to add to that list: “Sir, are you outright lying to me and about to serve me a full dollop of gluten?”

Damn it.

Takes a lot to get me mad and I’m damn mad.

Unfortunately, I have no solution to this one. Not a bullet proof one. …eat in places that you really know well… become friends with the owners and hopefully having that relationship will mean trust on both sides… I can go on and on but at the end of the day: there is always a risk. And there should not be.

This BS should simply not be happening given the millions of people dealing with the severity of Celiac / Coeliac / and Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity. Just unacceptable.

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