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She was the first to expose the flaws in the system that are keeping people sick forever. When the doctors wrote her off and suggested lifelong drugs she astounded them by healing herself in 90 short days. Since then she has become one of the leading world experts on the gluten free diet and Celiac Disease, sharing the platform with Dr. Tom O'Bryan, Dr. Mark Hyman (Blood Sugar Solution), Dr. William Davis (Wheat Belly), Dr. David Permlutter (Grain Brain), Dr. Daniel Amen (Change Your Brain, Change Your Life), Dr. Loren Cordain (The Paleo Diet).

"Gluten Demystified is everything I wish I knew about managing a gluten free diet before and after triggering Celiac Disease." -Jaqui Karr

Gluten is a hybridized food that is indestructible
(and in everything)
Celiac Disease or not, what do you think eating indestructible food is doing to your health?

Gluten is making millions of people sick, fat, depressed…

depression, mood swings
chronic fatigue, thyroid malfunction, obesity
IBS (irritable bowel syndrome)
insomnia, osteoporosis, back pain, joint pain
diabetes, infertility, skin disorders, eczema
ADD, ADHD, Autism, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's
There are over 300 illnesses and symptoms scientifically linked to gluten -National Institutes of Health

Gluten Demystified puts an end to the confusion and misinformation on the only treatment for Celiac Disease which is a 100% gluten free diet

This video series teaches you how to manage a gluten free diet with a simple video program – and the best part: everything is online so you can order now, have your downloads instantly and be watching the videos in seconds! Would you rather listen to theory and academic lectures on gastroenterology from a doctor who does not live with Celiac Disease or an expert who lives with it every day, has been eating a gluten free diet for years, has gone through ALL those lectures for you, and has cracked the code?

Here’s What People Are Saying:

Elle Sanders, Communications Director at RadioMD

“Jaqui is one of our “go to” health experts who always delivers top-notch recipes and wellness advice to our readers and listeners. Jaqui is a pure pleasure to work with, and we hope to expand our working relationship with her in the near future. She’s simply one of the very best at what she does.” Radio MD is home of YOU The Owner’s Manual Radio Show, hosted by Dr. Michael Roizen, MD. Partnerships include the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American College of Sports Medicine, and the American College of Emergency Physicians

Doug Robb, Personal Trainer 20+ years, CEO at Health Habits

“Jaqui blends scientific research & common sense really, really well. Jaqui is my go to source for gluten info.”

Natalie, Montreal, Canada

“Dear Jaqui, I just want to say you have helped me more than any Dr. and it’s a wonderful thing you are doing with your Gluten Demystified program. So many people suffer from food and the Dr.’s just do not understand. To myself and my children and my sister gluten paralyzed us. It’s scary and we are treated like we are insane. Stopping gluten with your helpful information has helped us to lead a healthy and energized life.Thank you for being our helpful Angel. Your biggest fan, Natalie”

Josh Stratton, New York

“I’ve been gluten free for 17 yrs and I still don’t know all the foods to avoid when shopping or dining out… there are so many names, ingredients and chemicals to track that it’s just not possible to keep them all straight. Thank you Jaqui for your dedication to the gluten free community and for the research that you do to keep the most current and cutting edge knowledge flowing through your network of students.”

Megan Baillie, Certified Raw Food Chef

“When I got the videos, I had intended to watch them to educate myself further for my Raw workshops and clients with Celiac disease. A large percentage of my diet is Raw but I was still eating gluten in small quantities. I had never thought this would ever apply to me. Like many people, I assumed that Gluten causes solely digestive issues, which I had none. In watching her videos, I quickly realized I should eliminate Gluten completely. I immediately saw a change in my mood, became more patient and calm, improved mental clarity, my skin improved and lost weight with no effort. This affects every single person out there and most don’t realize it, I sure didn’t. It effects each person differently and mostly people probably think “this is just the way I am”. Watch Jaqui’s videos, you’ll be better for it! I recommend it to everyone I know and love.”

Petra Hensley, San Diego, California

“After practically spending the weekend with you – I am referring here to your Gluten Demystified program – I am still watching and learning, taking notes and doing lots of rewinding. My eyes are open so wide I can’t even blink. I thought I was “gluten free”, but I was wrong as wrong can be. I was buying that nasty gluten free crap and who knows what else! THANK U for sharing your knowledge and passion”

Marienne de Blois, New Zealand

"We have both been gluten free for years, but have faced and still facing some major health issues...
...I am very reactive to gluten and have many environmental intolerances and major allergies as well as diverticulitis, osteoporosis, and several other major nasties which I believe have their basis in gluten. So you see that your program is of immense interest to us and our many friends and family down here in New Zealand...
...We understand in part the detrimental work of gluten but felt there were missing pieces of the puzzle….. well we put it out there… and here you are !!!!
So many thanks for the opportunity to experience this knowledge, your incredible journey; your courage and bravery and generosity in providing all the information."


A 9 part video program that will teach you everything you need to know for a gluten free diet with the extra care needed for those with Celiac Disease

I have made it extremely easy. Just hit play and you're set

  • The Effects of Gluten - Learn what it's doing to you
  • Defining Gluten - Not easy to define like dairy or other foods
  • Testing Celiac Disease - Know what to ask your doctor to avoid misdiagnosis
  • Avoiding Gluten - I'm blowing the cover off government loopholes keeping you sick and show you how to really manage a gluten free diet and lifestyle
  • The Immune System - Talk about essential information for an autoimmune disorder!
  • Supplements - I'm blowing the cover off the myths and greedy marketing companies
  • Gluten and depression - Extremely common and needs to be discussed on its own
  • Adjusting to a Gluten Free Diet and Lifestyle - Let me make it easier for you
  • Recovery Plan - I'll give you what I have found to save you trial and error


  • AN EXTRA 1 1/2 HOURS OF VIDEO! "How to be 100% Gluten Free" in 4 parts to make it easy to watch. Let me personally show you how to avoid getting contaminated in and out of your kitchen, what to ask when eating out, and uncommon sources of gluten. An absolute essential if you have Celiac / Coeliac Disease. The Gluten Free Diet is more complicated than any other diet; you'll find all the details you need here
  • PDF "Gluten Free Food List: The A to Z Guide" - absolutely critical to stay safe! Download this to your smart phone and have it everywhere! A year of meticulous research went into this AFTER I discovered all the online lists had mistakes! Everyone on a completely gluten free diet needs this list.
  • PDF "Hidden Sources of Gluten" this is a fundamental quick reference guide, very handy to have around
  • PDF "Celiac Disease and Coffee" an easy read and important for coffee lovers to understand
  • PDF "Powerful Healing Tonic" a power healing recipe you definitely want - (it helped me fast forward in healing from gluten damage)


Dr. Tom O'Bryan isn't just a gluten expert, he's a pioneer and light years ahead of the system, a teacher to physicians


Dr. O'Bryan is changing the world with his educational programs aimed at physicians. By having an army of informed doctors, the general public might finally have a chance! But don't risk missing out on his life-saving information. The more informed you are, the more you can be involved with your own wellness and not be at the mercy of a doctor who may or may not be current with gluten and all its effects.

This interview will help you understand gluten effects, Celiac Disease, and Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity.

  • Gluten's effects on you, with or without Celiac Disease
  • Why Celiac Disease is REALLY a brain disease (if you're feeling depression or mood swings, it's not your fault)
  • "Villous Atrophy" and WHY you need to know what that means! (HINT: it's destroying your health to not know this)
  • False negative test results that will push you into "last stages" of disease instead of helping you in beginning stages
  • Kids with drug resistant epilepsy and the possible solution your doctor isn't going to tell you
  • Why NO PAIN (a.k.a. symptoms) is normal - you should be feeling 100% amazing always
  • THE MYTH of Celiac Disease affecting only 1% of the population  - how you might be a ticking time bomb
  • Why it's important to PREVENT the trigger of this irreversible auto-immune disorder

Dr. Rodney Ford, 35+ year Pediatrician, Gastroenterologist, and Food Allergy Specialist


He is the New Zealand MAVERICK that recognized the flaws in the medical system (decades ago!) and got tired of watching children not get the right treatment. He walked out of the University Pediatrics Department so he could truly help children get healthy.

A food allergy specialist with 4 decades of experience, take a look at some of the things we discuss in this extraordinary interview:

  • "Gluten Syndrome" and it's devastation WAY beyond Celiac Disease. Dr. Ford says "Celiac Disease is a tiny fraction of the problem"
  • The flaws in the system from the 1980's that are STILL hurting people today - you want to know this BEFORE you see your doctor for testing
  • The truth about 20ppm's and Dr. Ford's position on what is the true gluten free diet
  • The archaic method of testing for Celiac Disease (that I was actually also personally exposed to in 2008) that you need to be aware of
  • How the medical system encourages further damage to YOUR health just so they can make their black & white diagnosis
  • Dr. Ford's 35+ year observation of kids health and how it turns once parents understand food allergies

Frequently Asked Questions:


“What about all the free info online?”

A: The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Get the proper information with Gluten Demystified and then you’ll be able to decipher good from bad when you surf the internet. You need the right foundation and exhaustively researched tools; not just bits and pieces from various unreliable sources and weekend bloggers. I even point out where the major Celiac Associations go wrong. The popularity of the gluten free diet is causing confusion. Don't fall victim to that.

p.s. if all the online info had been any good, I would not have taken an entire year off working to research all this information and put this program together


"What about all the 'official' associations and their info?”

A: You said it: “official”. They need to go with government standards… which is a good time to remember that smoking “officially” was not harmful to your health for 60 years! Gluten is not as clear cut as all other food allergies like lactose or peanuts, there are a lot of shades of gray and you need this information. An auto-immune disorder is serious as-a-heart-attack (can also be as deadly), this isn’t the time to be timid on learning and you definitely shouldn’t put your faith in “the system”. You need to be part of YOUR health care team – you can’t do that unless you are informed. Not to mention, how to maintain a true gluten free diet has been super simplified for you with the Gluten Demystified videos


“I already feel overwhelmed, is this going to add to it?”

The opposite: Gluten Demystified will clear things up and enable you to easily sift through all other information that crosses your path. And the beauty of it is that you learn it once and you’re set. This program will save you a lot of time and heartache moving forward with your gluten free diet.

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Watch the videos, get the actual tools you need to live a gluten free lifestyle, and get your life back

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P.S. This would cost you over $3,000 in 10+ hours of personal consults with me (and you'd need to be taking notes! there's no instant replay button when I am on the spot). All this information truly is everything I wish I had before and after triggering Celiac Disease in myself.

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