not quite “wtf” but damn!

WEIGHT LOSS SHENANIGANS by “experts” get me going. Yesterday, on national TV, I watched a “doctor” specializing in weight loss talk about how “this” favorite frozen dinner was high in fat and calories but “that” frozen dinner was a better diet food because it was reduced in calories… so let’s rate this on my Sarcaz-O-Meter right now:

Jaqui's Sarcaz-O-Meter - level ridiculous

…not quite “wtf?!” but damn!

Yes, I get it, “be accessible”. Believe me, I get that. I built an entire career around being down to earth and making healthy living fun and practical. But there’s a different between “practical” and just simply “ridiculous”.

The other thing I noticed was that there wasn’t a piece of fresh produce on display on this 5 foot long table of boxes of “never-expire non-food stuff posing as food” with the handy calorie comparison our good doctor kept doing…. “good grief” is all I kept saying to myself. I mean even in the worst of restaurants there’s at least a sprig of parsley on the dish even if just for decoration! The worst thigh-expanding cheesecake usually has a fresh strawberry on it! On our “expert’s” display table? NADA. Just boxes with mystery ingredients but the labels apparently say “reduced in fat” so it must be good.

Ok, I’ll stop ranting… so here it is: common sense folks. We won’t get into a whole weight loss plan here but let’s start with one basic premise which can really make it or break it: denial. Just because you are hearing advice from a “doctor” or “bestselling author” (this person was both!) or tv celebrity doesn’t mean it’s good advice; it means it is advice that sells. The Twinkie Diet might be what you want to hear works, but it really won’t help you in the long run.

By the way, for those of you thinking this topic is way too basic… you are completely correct… it IS way too basic but don’t we all need reminders sometimes? Don’t we all sometimes just “forget” even the basics? Are you guilty of popping something that has an expiry date of 2039 into the microwave then asking your body to accept it as nutrition? You knew that wasn’t real food, right? No worries, this isn’t a guilt session, it’s just a soft reminder. That stuff happens because we slowly, inch by inch, move away from real food and the “foods of convenience” make their way into diets. Box by box and months or years later, wow, what happened to real food?

So here’s a homework assignment for those of you just realizing that your crazy life schedule may have let those “convenience foods” infiltrate into your life: every day, every meal, make sure there is something fresh and alive on the plate (preferably the entire plate but if that’s not quite possibly yet, let’s go with SOMEthing fresh at every meal even if it’s that sprig of parsley to remind you of greens!). Let’s start there and we’ll build on that.

In the meantime, I will work on ranting less and writing more… this one couldn’t be helped! What are YOUR thoughts on this? Be honest. Is it easier to listen to bad advice or do you automatically change the¬†channel?

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