“Wheat Belly” Dr. Davis: how gluten affects weight loss plus more

Dr. William Davis of "Wheat Belly" on CBS

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Non-Celiac people don’t want to hear about it because it is getting more coverage than any fad diet to ever hit the air waves and “can we please hear about something other than the latest Hollywood starlet who went gluten-free to ensure fast weight loss?”.

People with Celiac [Coeliac] Disease don’t want to hear about it because they just want to be able to live a “normal” day without having to consciously think about every damn bite.

Really, no one wants to hear about it – not even people who are not yet diagnosed but showing all the textbook Celiac [Coeliac] symptoms.

The fact remains gluten is affecting almost the entire population: both causing medical issues and making it impossible for many others to lose weight. Take a look at this 5 minute video interview of Dr. Davis, author of ‘Wheat Belly” on CBS and he’s calling wheat a “perfect chronic poison”. He talks about the weight loss results he has seen over and over, as well as other serious diseases like diabetes completely disappear. He did a great job summarizing a lot of information into just a few minutes.

Years ago I started to say “eating gluten every day is like eating a bit of arsenic every day”, so I’m right there with his comparison of “chronic poison”.

Wikipedia definition: “Chronic (medicine), a disease that is long-lasting and reoccurring.”

…what that means for YOU is that as you are continually eating gluten, you are chronically adding poison into your body. How that poison will manifest depends on your DNA.

If you are physically or mentally unwell (you don’t need to be psychotic and running barefoot through the streets), we could be talking mild to clinical depression… you KNOW when you are not happy and vibrant – you don’t need a medical diagnoses to know you are feeling “off”. Know that gluten is directly linked to neurology, and in several ways, amongst hundreds of other disorders.

If you are eating less and exercising more and still can’t lose weight, your own common sense should tell you that if 1 + 1 is equaling 5, then something is wrong beyond your control. But it IS in your control.

The first step is knowledge. Think of yourself as a Ferrari; if the car is making the wrong noises or has stopped working, could you fix it without even the basic knowledge of mechanics? You don’t have to be a Formula 1 expert (that’s what I am here for), but you need to know the basics…

…you might not be ready for that… (I know exactly where you are and that’s cool). If that’s the case, just stick around, read my newsletters, watch the occasion video clip I send out, and let things happen in their time, when you’re ready. If that time is this moment, follow me…

Jaqui Karr

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