Freedom. To do and be anything

Imagine a world where everyone can reach their full potential. Free from illness, depression, pain. No limits. 

Strong and athletic my whole life, looking at the I.V. in my arm, it was hard to understand how anyone gets that sick from food

I went from running a marathon to 13 E.R. admissions in 4 months. Not only did I experience debilitating illness, I experienced a flawed medical system that failed me. Like it fails millions.

My favorite was the first doctor: "Sweetie, you're not 20 anymore, it's normal to not feel as good." ...Lord grant me patience and help me control my language...

5 doctors later (not counting the dozen E.R. ones), I fired the standard medical system and hired a private clinic to do the testing I wanted and not what the books were telling them to do. 24 hours later the suspect was Celiac Disease, which later got confirmed via biopsy.

The specialist said two years before any hard workouts again: "You've sustained too much damage"

90 days later...

...I was running 10 miles a day again. At that point, it would have been easier to go back to my successful 6-digit career and put the whole fiasco behind me.

But I became haunted by all the people who were suffering. ADHD kids on drugs. Millions on anti-depressants. ...tens of millions of people with hundreds of disorders all due to gluten... I couldn't sleep (I still can't sleep sometimes feeling people's pain).

I beat the stats, not because I'm smarter but because...

...of a unique combination that saved me: 2 decades of organic sports nutrition background + born constantly questioning and challenging authority (didn't make me loved by school teachers as a kid, but wow has it been great for gluten sufferers looking for the truth). I wasn't scared to fire the medical system and take control.


Even with 2 decades of sports nutrition, I never realized how harmful gluten was, and I had never even heard of Celiac Disease. So don't feel bad if you're a health coach and weren't aware how damaging gluten can be to so many people.

I thought gluten was just a super starch that made people gain weight. I thought it didn't affect me since I was training hard, had a 25" waist, and hard abs. Plus I was only eating the best kind of ancient organic wheat (I cringe when I hear people say that today).

Regular nutrition is worlds away from autoimmune triggers and allergic reactions. I wish I had studied this part of nutrition sooner. 

It's outrageous that we have studies going back to the 50's and 60's showing how harmful gluten is. Some studies from psyche wards show 100% recovery on schizophrenic patients when they go gluten free (so imagine the amazing results with depression or brain fog). And yet here we are, medicating half our world with mind altering drugs, including small children. It's criminal.

No one advertises UN-consuming something, which means...

...those studies stay where they've been for the last 60-70 years: in neat folders in hospitals and universities all over the world. 7 decades of scientists quietly shuffling papers. That makes me InSaNe.

The Butterfly Effect in THUNDEROUS numbers

As more health professionals, health coaches, nutritionists understand gluten in depth, less people suffer. They heal faster. And they're able to focus on their life's full potential. That has the butterfly effect of changing our whole world...

...That's where my heart is:

Share what I've learned so we can collectively create a better world by freeing people of food related health issues. Imagine Beethoven incapacitated by severe health issues. What would we have lost? Everyone has a gift in them, big or small. You and I are here to help free all the Beethovens, Einsteins, and little Billy who dreams of flying planes.

Comments from colleagues...

C. Daniel Otero, PA-C, CEO, Trinity Family Medicine

Jaqui, you’ve been my health coach for so many of my patients, thank you so much. Thanks for all you do and have done, God bless

C. Daniel Otero, PA-C, CEO, Trinity Family Medicine Clovis, NM

Brian Clement, Director of The Hippocrates Health Institute

Jaqui, you’re the walking talking perfect example of what everyone’s capable of

Brian Clement, Director of The Hippocrates Health Institute West Palm Beach, FL

Dr. Tom O'Bryan, DC, CCN, DACBN

Jaqui combines her technical knowledge of health and nutrition with heart

Dr. Tom O'Bryan, DC, CCN, DACBN San Diego, CA

Dr. Rodney Ford, MD., MB., BS., FRACP., Associate Professor

Thank you for your encouragement Jaqui!

Dr. Rodney Ford, MD., MB., BS., FRACP., Associate Professor Christchurch, New Zealand

Doug Robb, Personal Trainer 20+ years, CEO at Health Habits

Jaqui blends scientific research & common sense really, really well. Jaqui is my go to source for gluten info

Doug Robb, Personal Trainer 20+ years, CEO at Health Habits Toronto, Canada

I've been behind the scenes for so many years, writing so much "about me" is unsettling! Please feel free to stop here and either grab my free training or take a look at details about the course.

If you'd like to know more about my approach to work (and why it makes a difference in your practice when it comes to gluten) or 5 questions I get asked the most, keep scrolling down....

"Where Science Meets Common Sense"

...someone introduced me that way once, I think it was Doug, CEO of HealthHabits - and it stuck. Everything in my world is based on facts. Always has been. I was 3 years old when I first asked my parents if anyone had proof the priest was talking to God... my poor parents

My skeptic nature (which drove my Mother insane - sorry Mom) has served well on gluten. There's no room for quackery when lives are on the line. But it takes a lot more than skimming through headlines or quick glances at two sentence conclusions to put it all together. Sometimes even the "big" studies need a closer look...

...Case In Point: a study saying 20ppm is safe

When I first dedicated 100% of my time to studying the medical facts about gluten (going on a decade now that I've become a Gluten / Celiac Science Geek), a significant study kept getting cited whose conclusion was that 20 PPM's are safe. Doctors kept pointing to that study when posting articles and government was basing laws on studies like that.

What they never mentioned in the conclusion of that study is that...

...almost 1/3 of the initial patients had to drop out within 48 hours due to adverse reactions like vomiting, intolerable stomach cramps, and some were even admitted to the hospital. So since they dropped out and never officially completed the study, they were never included in the conclusion. ?@#$?^%$&?^&(^&?%$?&^%

Hello? Admitted to the E.R. with tiny traces of gluten and we're not going to take that into account? This is where common sense needs to kick in (and I need to control my temper and not swear in 5 languages. Sorry again Mom).

That's what I bring you: the actual studies plus the facts everyone else is missing. The facts that make ALL the difference.

This information allows you to empower your client to take control of their health and become part of their own health care team (do keep working with doctors), but based on ALL the facts - not just the selective bit that hits the internet. Even the most well meaning people are making these mistakes and I know you don't want to be one of them.

The One Thing You Can't Create More of: Time

You can't help people if you're glued to your computer reading. My job is to save you time and get you up to speed yesterday. The end goal is for everyone to permanently get rid of health issues so they can go on to live to full potential. It's hard to do anything in life, even take a walk, if you're busy chasing health (or in a hospital).

5 Questions I Get Asked the Most: