The Essential Tools

Dealing with gluten issues whether it's Celiac / Coeliac Disease or Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity (NCGS) means priority #1 becomes being 100% Gluten Free. To do that, you need the right tools...

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Your Brain on Gluten

Depression (gluten’s most common manifestation), headaches, brain fog, ADHD, dementia… the full spectrum of neurological disorders, affecting all brains, not just those with Celiac / Coeliac Disease or NCGS (Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity). Get the facts with how often gluten is the issue, and more importantly: What to do about it.

Solutions throughout, this book isn’t a one-way lecture on biology, it’s an interactive guide loaded with action items, power tips, easy tricks, even simple ways to incorporate the most powerful foods into your life and help you maintain a strong immune system.

Comprehensive, fact based, and the only book you’ll ever need on gluten. Many of these issues are the same autoimmune reactions and disorders as Hashimoto’s, IBS, IBD, Crohn’s, chronic fatigue,…

Included in this book:

-Checklist of supplements and how to customize the right ones for you (including which detox, rid metals, repair, protect, and strengthen)

-Checklist of brain-boosting foods

-The truth about probiotics (the most important supplement for gut health, which directly affects brain health), why most people are taking them completely ineffectively, and how to do it right

-False marketing that have you making mistakes, even though you think you’re making healthy choices

-3 Minute Recipes that’ll calm inflammation and power up your brain (using the cleanest sources and most bio-available foods)

-The ultimate brain boost smoothie recipe with scientifically proven ingredients to strengthen cognitive function and memory

-Checklist of all test methods, plus easy blood test list to take to your doctor if you’re undiagnosed or suspecting misdiagnoses, including the specific blood tests Europe has found to have the highest accuracy (available worldwide, as long as you know what to ask for)

-Common foods (besides gluten) that diminish brain function, and how to deliciously replace them with safe alternatives

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A to Z Ingredient Guide

When I first got diagnosed with Celiac Disease, I did what you did: went online and downloaded everything I could. I also ordered the guides from the Celiac associations both from the U.S. and Canada. ...with my naked eye (though I did have 2 decades of sports nutrition knowledge) I could see flaws with several items. I knew I couldn't trust any of those lists to keep me 100% safe.

It shocked me that I couldn't find a truly accurate list anywhere. Everyone had copied each other, copying the mistakes. There were shopping guides, but those are updated every 1-4 years and manufacturers change ingredients without notice, so they're outdated before ever being published. And they rely on manufacturers telling them GF or not... which means legally GF but not necessarily truly GF.

The ONLY way to be safe is to check each ingredient. Yes, it's tedious to check every ingredient on every label, but it's truly the only way to ensure safety. It's non-optional if you want to be 100% well (and you get used to it after a while).

Concerned for my own health and yours, I took a whole year and obsessively researched every single commercial ingredient. I tossed out every piece of information and
free download I had and started it all from scratch. The result is this list. Valid in any country you're in because it breaks it down to each ingredient.

If you're gluten sensitive or have Celiac / Coeliac Disease, this will be the most important few dollars you ever spend. Download it on your smartphone and have it with you everywhere. Stay Safe!

Please note the "A to Z Guide" listed above is included in the "Celiac Disease" book below. 

The A to Z Guide was published separately due to high demand. People wanted "just the list" on their phones to make it easy to scroll when grocery shopping

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Celiac Disease Essentials

Celiac / Coeliac Disease diagnoses means you now have a thousand details to figure out. The problem is, you're in damage control mode and don't have that kind of time to waste. This essential guide skips the biology lessons and gives you the practical information you need to know right this second.

First and foremost: a comprehensive list of safe and unsafe ingredients. This is Jaqui Karr's "A to Z" Ingredient Guide (also sold separately if you wish to download on your phone to have everywhere with you and easily check ingredient labels, included free in this book)

Add to that:

-Common vitamin deficiencies

-Avoiding cross-contamination

-Where to look for hidden dangers (also sold separately as a quick reference tool and included in this book)

-Ideas on how to make a smooth, even enjoyable, transition to living a gluten free life - something only another Celiac can truly understand.

This is your ultra quick need-it-now fast guide to managing your new Gluten Free Lifestyle

(paperback version on Amazon, electronic version at all major book retailers)

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108 Smoothie Recipes

The recipe book you’ll read cover to cover whether you’re making a smoothie or not, just to get all the nutrition information, awesome health tips, and useful food tricks. Ingredient facts are 1-minute reads, so learning nutrition, a little bit at a time, is as easy as making smoothies.

108 Smoothie Recipes, with 155 scientific references on the true power ingredients in them. 25 years from now, thousands of smoothies later, you’ll wish you had read this book… or you can choose to benefit from this information starting today.

You’re taking the time to make healthy smoothies, you should know which ingredients have been scientifically proven to get results with:

-Optimal Brain Function
-Prevention of Dementia
-Weight Loss
-Gut Health
-Heart Health
-Anti-Cancer Properties
-Immune System Support
-Better Sleep
-Digestive Support
-Removing Intestinal Parasites

It’s a smoothie recipe book and nutrition workshop at the same time, including both vegetable and fruit smoothies. Start supercharging yourself now...