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Straight talk, me to you…

Whether you're newly diagnosed with Celiac or NCGS, or just not even sure gluten is your problem, one thing for sure: conventional medicine is not up to speed yet. Gluten isn't even in the medical school coursework yet, which means your doctor is probably getting their information from online articles. You'll notice most of those articles are just re-worded and re-posted, with no medical or scientific citing... that's alarming. To get the facts, I suggest you pick up a copy of "Your Brain On Gluten: (It’s Not Just Celiac Disease) Myths - Facts – Solutions"

I’m not trying to sell more books, I’m suggesting a $10 solution instead of $150+. Others want to book as many consultations as possible and generally charge more. I’d rather you not hire me at all and have my book in your hands because:

1) You’ll be able to refer to it over and over (no notes needed)

2) It includes testing info and things you can discuss with your doctor…

Speaking of doctors: Yes, I have issues with them (don’t we all). Too many of them won’t listen, call us crazy, and prescribe anti-depressants when they should know better. Misdiagnoses for an average of 11-17 years (by the medical system’s own admission), is unacceptable. That said, the system isn’t set up for them to find solutions, it’s set up to diagnose + prescribe in under 5 minutes. I’d like to see them rise above that, but that’s another topic for another day. Doctors still have access to testing that you and I don’t, so you simply need to be better educated before you go see them. That means you don’t rely on them 100%, you make sure you’re in the driver’s seat and work with them. All that said…

If you still feel you'd really like to speak to someone who's been immersed in this topic for a decade, I have some (very limited) spaces available for private consults via Skype ($150/hour USD) or email if you want an entire food log review and personally customized food suggestions/replacements sent to you ($350). Send in a request with the contact form below and I'll be back to you as soon as possible.

What to expect: 1) Answers to your questions 2) Practical solutions with how to make changes to your diet that you'll actually enjoy based on your own personal favorite foods 3) A friendly, patient, understanding person so that you don't need to feel like you're dealing with things alone anymore. Scroll down to see comments from others...

I’ve been gluten free for 17 yrs and I still don’t know all the foods to avoid when shopping or dining out… there are so many names, ingredients and chemicals to track that it’s just not possible to keep them all straight. Thank you Jaqui for your dedication to the gluten free community and for the research that you do to keep the most current and cutting edge knowledge flowing through your network of students.

Josh Stratton, New York, United States

I wish I met this lady in my 20’s. It would have spared me 30 years of struggling with food. Jaqui you are the raw goddess and what makes you even more spectacular is that you can work it around a normal person who isn’t all raw and still eats meat. I’ll never be able to thank you for the transformation in my body inside and out!

Johanne Gray, Sidney, Australia

Dear Jaqui, I just want to say you have helped me more than any Dr. and it’s a wonderful thing you are doing with your Gluten Demystified program. So many people suffer from food and the Dr.’s just do not understand. To myself and my children and my sister gluten paralyzed us. It’s scary and we are treated like we are insane. Stopping gluten with your helpful information has helped us to lead a healthy and energized life.Thank you for being our helpful Angel. Your biggest fan, Natalie

Natalie Brocollini, Montreal, Canada

...We understand in part the detrimental work of gluten but felt there were missing pieces of the puzzle….. well we put it out there… and here you are !!!! So many thanks for the opportunity to experience this knowledge, your incredible journey; your courage and bravery and generosity in providing all the information.

Marienne de Blois, New Zealand

I have found your information invaluable as I really knew nothing when I was diagnosed April 2016. My only symptom was really low hemoglobin levels and severe anemia. But having listened to you videos I could definitely say that other symptoms over the years I believe were truly related to Gluten. Severe episodes of a dry scalp/dandruff and unexplained itching on my extremities… I have used your recipes and they are very delicious and you have provided valuable info that has kept me focused and given me hope to strive to be the healthiest going forward. Although there have been times when I just feel so overwhelmed with it all, I just go back to your videos each time. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! You truly provided me and many others with the tools and information to make a success of our health going forward. In gratitude

Hardeep Rehal, Ontario, Canada

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