disclaimer and friendly advice

Do not substitute anything you read on any of the JaquiKarr.com pages (or any other site) for medical treatment. The information provided is to help people become more of a participant in their health care team, ask their doctor questions they might not have thought to ask.... but that's the key: communicate with doctors and have input.

"ALWAYS consult a medical professional for any health issues" is not just a copy/paste disclaimer. I did. I didn't wing it when my health was on the line; I went to a private doctor and did the proper tests. But knowing what to ask for and which tests might come back with false negatives is priceless.

My site/s, articles, videos, books, online programs, seminars, smoke signals, tweets, scribbles, and rants do not replace medical advice. All information I post or publish is for your information and simply sharing what I've learned. I have never and will never advise anyone to self diagnose. I'm all about science, the best testing possible, and hard facts. It simply helps to know what to ask and what's available as far as new testing or supplements, so I share what I know.

Health Coaches: same thing. Work with licensed professionals who have the tools and testing capabilities to provide official diagnosis. My information is to facilitate the process, not replace it.

Sending you healing and healthy vibes,

Jaqui Karr