Gluten Course for Health Professionals

The Science and The Solutions

with Jaqui Karr, the Coach's Coach on Gluten Free

A Comprehensive, 100% Science Based Course Designed for Health Clinics, Coaches, Nutritionists, Chiropractors, MD's...  if you're in the food or health space in any way, you need this program

It would have been so much easier to not do this

It would have been so much easier to heal myself and return to my 6-digit career.

I went from a lifetime of being athletic and healthy to being in and out of the E.R. for 4 months, emaciated down to 92 lbs, fighting organ infection, and by the end of it debilitated and bedridden.

All within 4 months.

All because of gluten.

A decade later it's still surreal to me that gluten can cause so much harm. It does.


90 days later I was running 10 miles a day. The million dollar question is: "How on earth did you do that?!?!"

Healing from Gluten Fast

Did he say 2 years? Try 90 days.

It's not genius. 2 lucky circumstances:

1) Almost 2 decades of organic sports nutrition gave me the background to heal and strengthen myself fast.

2) Questioning authority since I was a kid, firing the medical system that failed me was easy. That's usually scary and impossible for most and they fall into the system that keeps them sick forever.

"Jaqui, you're the walking talking perfect example of what everyone's capable of."

Brian Clement, Director, Hippocrates Health Institute, West Palm Beach, FL


This is where it would have been so much easier to return to my successful career and leave the gluten ordeal behind. That felt impossible because 500 times a day I thought: "What about others?"

What about everyone else suffering who didn't have 2 decades of nutrition knowledge to heal themselves and who were relying on the medical system? ...The same system that's documented(1),(2) to fail people with Celiac Disease for an average of 11-17 years (and that's after symptoms are brought to their doctor). The numbers are worse for people with Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity, which affects more than half the world.

potential Jaqui Karr gluten celiac coeliac

This kid deserves a life without limits. He deserves to realize his dreams of flying a plane.

Who is helping the defenseless 5 year old on ADHD drugs, while their parents are unaware that most kids with neurological issues including ADHD(3) and autism/schizophrenia(4) have adverse reactions to gluten. And we have studies(5) showing great results and even 100% normalcy once gluten is removed from their life.

Innocent voiceless children on mind altering drugs unnecessarily. This made me CrAzY. I couldn't sleep. I felt a new kind of sick. Sick with worry for people I never met. My heart ached for family members I lost because it was too late. I needed to know all this 3 decades ago to have saved them. It's a crushing reality to come to terms with. Have you ever had that feeling? Have you ever felt that deep core need to give everything you've got to people you never met? It's a calling that's impossible to ignore.

I had to do something to help. My friends thought I had already lost enough and giving up my established career was financial suicide, but it felt non-optional for me. Walking away when someone is in trouble is never an option in my world.

"Jaqui, you've been my health coach for so many of my patients, thank you so much. Thanks for all you do and have done, God bless"

C. Daniel Otero, PA-C, CEO, Trinity Family Medicine, Clovis, NM

"Jaqui combines her technical knowledge of health and nutrition with heart."

Dr. Thomas O'Bryan, DC, CCN, DACBN, San Diego, CA

“Jaqui blends scientific research & common sense really, really well. Jaqui is my go to source for gluten info.”

Doug Robb, CEO at Health Habits, Personal Trainer, Toronto, ON


Gluten related disorders are more common than you think. Gluten is damaging every 2nd person you see every day on some level. Most of the time they have absolutely no gastrointestinal symptoms and strictly neurological(6) issues like depression or brain fog, so it's important to know what you're looking for.

This is stealing people's lives while they're alive and shortening life spans too. Mortality rates for Celiac Disease and Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity are 2-3 time higher than average(7). Families are losing people they love prematurely and we can stop it.

Every. 2nd. Person. You. See. Every Day. 

Celiac Disease is only the tip of the iceberg in a long line of medically documented health issues caused by gluten. There are over 300 Non-Celiac, medically documented(8) gluten related disorders. When you become familiar with them and their symptoms, you can easily diagnose faster. That's a huge element here: you have to know what you're looking for so that you can point your client in the right direction.

Health Clinic, Coach, Nutritionist, Chiropractor, Personal Trainer, Naturopath, MD,... You can't be in the food or health space anymore without understanding gluten in depth. It's an epidemic issue that is here to stay so it needs to be in your skill set. If you're a clinic, make sure you're a full service clinic by having at least one gluten expert on site.

“When I got the videos, I had intended to watch them to educate myself further for my Raw workshops and clients with Celiac disease. A large percentage of my diet is Raw but I was still eating gluten in small quantities. I had never thought this would ever apply to me. Like many people, I assumed that Gluten causes solely digestive issues, which I had none. In watching her videos, I quickly realized I should eliminate Gluten completely. I immediately saw a change in my mood, became more patient and calm, improved mental clarity, my skin improved and lost weight with no effort. This affects every single person out there and most don’t realize it, I sure didn’t. It affects each person differently and mostly people probably think “this is just the way I am”. Watch Jaqui’s videos, you’ll be better for it! I recommend it to everyone I know and love.”

Megan Baillie, Certified Raw Food Chef, Montreal, Canada

“Jaqui is a special resource I encourage anyone to engage with, if you are interested in high performance, personal empowerment and positive results. She is that rare balance of knowledge put into everyday action. Jaqui lives what she teaches and inspires all around her. She can contribute to your bottom line by optimizing team performance, inspire your staff by having them live more positively and gently guide all aspects of the process with her depth of knowledge and passion. I will continue to use Jaqui with the variety of clients I have that need that special approach a true industry leader can provide.”

Bo Rinaldi, Blossoming Lotus, Lake Oswego, OR

“Jaqui is one of our “go to” health experts who always delivers top-notch recipes and wellness advice to our readers and listeners. Jaqui is a pure pleasure to work with, and we hope to expand our working relationship with her in the near future. She’s simply one of the very best at what she does.”

Elle Sanders, Communications Director at RadioMD, New York

“Jaqui Karr is one of those rare individuals who is committed to making this planet and those on it, more conscious of their impact on All That Is. Her perspectives and clarity of truth regarding what needs to be done with a planet and people, both of who's health is spiraling out of control, offers us unique insights into answers we all can use. With the obesity epidemic at an all time high, Jaqui serves up answers many fear to address and does so with amazing acumen and empathy. It is my sincere pleasure to endorse this wonderful person who continually cares about things that matter and impact each and every one of us living on the planet. Thank you Jaqui for this opportunity to acknowledge one of my heroes!”

Jerry McGowan, President, Flexolate, Missoula, MT


It's about living without pain or limits

The Course - 9 Training Modules:

  • 1

    The Fundamentals

    Setting a solid foundation

This isn't just an intro. We get right into core information from this first Module, starting with the #1 key about healing from any autoimmune disorder faster.

  • Critical fundamentals
  • Autoimmune in perspective
  • Breaking harmful myths
  • Part one of the solution

Jaqui Karr Gluten Celiac Coeliac Course
  • 2

    Gluten Damage

    The systemic effects of gluten

Module 2 covers all the medical issues scientifically linked to gluten. Studies cited on every slide, this module doubles as a reference guide for you as you prepare your own talks, blog posts, articles,... You just saved yourself years of sorting through studies.

  • Gluten related disorders
  • Studies referenced
  • True impact on society
  • Valuable reference guide

Jaqui Karr Gluten Celiac Coeliac Course
  • 3

    What is Gluten

    A detailed breakdown

Enough speculation about whether wheat has nutrition values we need. This is the definitive breakdown. This module also defines gluten itself so don't worry if you're starting from scratch. Finally, the studies and science on all grains and the controversial foods that are confusing people. No more speculation. All facts, all the time.

  • Defining gluten
  • Nutrition values of wheat
  • All grains
  • Controversial foods

Jaqui Karr Gluten Celiac Coeliac Course
  • 4

    Celiac vs Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity

    Facts about NCGS everyone is missing

Conflicting information creates chaos. Module 4 gives you clarity. You'll understand the difference between Celiac Disease and NCGS, then we take it a step further. You will learn how to avoid medical loopholes that hurt your client. Also learn the correct terms that our industry scientists have asked us to use and not use; you're at professional level so we want to ensure you're using all the correct terms.

  • Celiac vs NCGS
  • How many affected
  • Why the misconceptions
  • Industry terms

Jaqui Karr Gluten Celiac Coeliac Course
  • 5

    Testing and Symptoms

    This is life & death info

Testing is the biggest part of the gluten / Celiac world that misses the mark more than half the time. That's criminal, and can be avoided. I'll show you how to make sure your clients are on the right side of those stats. The medical system is doing its best but still years away from getting this right. You don't need to wait for 2044; you can be effective today. This info will take your results from ordinary to extraordinary.

  • All testing methods
  • Pitfalls to avoid
  • Recognizing symptoms
  • Elimination test correctly

Jaqui Karr Gluten Celiac Coeliac Course
  • 6

    Marketplace Challenges

    No one discusses this important element

Your client is facing a lot of challenges with how the world currently perceives gluten and the citizens of The Republic of Gluten Free. You need to know what they're facing so that you can help them. Being in tune with everything in this module will put you in tune with your client and that will make you your client's hero while everyone else is still tripping over their own feet following the online misinformation.

  • Media coverage
  • Celebrity factor
  • The grand picture
  • Preparing your client

Jaqui Karr Gluten Celiac Coeliac Course
  • 7

    Recovery Protocols

    Speeding up recovery - tools and tricks

Almost every time a person is diagnosed, they are told they must stay gluten free, and sent home. No plan. No guidance. That's a recipe for failure. This module is about setting up your client for success. They need your guidance and you need this winning formula.

  • Immediate action
  • Fast healing
  • Priority list
  • Common deficiencies

Jaqui Karr Gluten Celiac Coeliac Course
  • 8

    Maintaining Safety

    Success. Forever.

Your client is well again! Fantastic! to maintain it forever. For-ever. Forever is a long time. It's not going to happen without knowing where all the dangers are. Forever is also easier to maintain when it's a pleasure and not a chore. You will be gold on all of this. You will be more than gold; you will probably be their life line.

  • Long term plan
  • Avoiding disasters
  • Do's and dont's
  • Insider tricks

Jaqui Karr Gluten Celiac Coeliac Course
  • 9

    The Takeaways

    The 30,000 foot view

We cover tremendous ground throughout the program. A lot of it is very detailed. In Module 9 it's time to connect all the dots and look at the big picture again. This module is your jumping off point.

  • Quick review
  • Tying it all together
  • Nutrition tips throughout
  • Ready, set, heal

Jaqui Karr Gluten Celiac Coeliac Course

The ONE thing you can never make more of: Time

Time-Saving Bonus

Checklists All Done for You:


  • List of Symptoms
  • Testing Methods
  • Healing Protocol and Follow Up Schedule
  • Power Food and Supplement List
  • Lists of Gluten Related Disorders, Autoimmune Disorders
  • How to Avoid Contamination (Full Guide! Print and give to your client)
  • Cross-Reactor List (many stay sick not knowing this)
  • List of True Safe Flours (not what's on the net)
  • The Facts About Legal Amounts of Gluten

The work is done for you. Click "print" and you're set.

Life doesn't always send you shortcuts. You've got one here right now.

This program gives you the knowledge and the tools to go from ordinary to extraordinary results like these...

"Your site has made a world of difference to me and both my physical and mental energies. It was almost a reset button to me at the bottom of a downward spiral. From my perspective what you do is just as important as what I do."

William Hewitt, U.S. Army

“You truly inspire and offer hope where I thought none could be"

Thomas L., Bismark, ND

“After practically spending the weekend with you – I am referring here to your Gluten Demystified program – I am still watching and learning, taking notes and doing lots of rewinding. My eyes are open so wide I can’t even blink. I thought I was “gluten free”, but I was wrong as wrong can be. I was buying that nasty gluten free crap and who knows what else! THANK U for sharing your knowledge and passion”

Petra Hensley, San Diego, CA

“I’ve been gluten free for 17 yrs and I still don’t know all the foods to avoid when shopping or dining out… there are so many names, ingredients and chemicals to track that it’s just not possible to keep them all straight. Thank you Jaqui for your dedication to the gluten free community and for the research that you do to keep the most current and cutting edge knowledge flowing through your network of students.”

Josh Stratton, New York

“Dear Jaqui, I just want to say you have helped me more than any Dr. and it’s a wonderful thing you are doing with your Gluten Demystified program. So many people suffer from food and the Dr.’s just do not understand. To myself and my children and my sister gluten paralyzed us. It’s scary and we are treated like we are insane. Stopping gluten with your helpful information has helped us to lead a healthy and energized life.Thank you for being our helpful Angel. Your biggest fan, Natalie”

Natalie Brocollini, Montreal, Canada

"We have both been gluten free for years, but have faced and still facing some major health issues...

...I am very reactive to gluten and have many environmental intolerances and major allergies as well as diverticulitis, osteoporosis, and several other major nasties which I believe have their basis in gluten. So you see that your program is of immense interest to us and our many friends and family down here in New Zealand...

...We understand in part the detrimental work of gluten but felt there were missing pieces of the puzzle….. well we put it out there… and here you are !!!!

So many thanks for the opportunity to experience this knowledge, your incredible journey; your courage and bravery and generosity in providing all the information."

Marienne de Blois, New Zealand

“I wish I met this lady in my 20’s. It would have spared me 30 years of struggling with food. Jaqui you are the raw goddess and what makes you even more spectacular is that you can work it around a normal person who isn’t all raw and still eats meat. I’ll never be able to thank you for the transformation in my body inside and out!”

Johanne Gray, Sidney, Australia

''Thank you so much for your wonderful posts and educating me..."

Jane Hamilton, Bristol, England

"I have found your information invaluable as I really knew nothing when I was diagnosed April 2016. My only symptom was really low hemoglobin levels and severe anemia.

But having listened to you videos I could definitely say that other symptoms over the years I believe were truly related to Gluten. Severe episodes of a dry scalp/dandruff and unexplained itching on my extremities…

I have used your recipes and they are very delicious and you have provided valuable info that has kept me focused and given me hope to strive to be the healthiest going forward.

Although there have been times when I just feel so overwhelmed with it all, I just go back to your videos each time. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

You truly provided me and many others with the tools and information to make a success of our health going forward.

In gratitude ; ) "

Hardeep Rehal, Ontario, Canada

You're needed more than you realize

Medical scientists are now referring to gluten as an "epidemic" in official studies(9) because of the widespread damage it's causing...


Just in the U.S. with AutoImmune Disorders


Americans with Digestive Disorders


World have Genes for Celiac Disease


ADHD, Autism Kids are Gluten Sensitive


React to Gluten, Even if at Low Levels

There are so many things we can't easily change.

This. This gluten epidemic, we can. will take leaders like you...

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

...and my word counts

If you're familiar with my work, you probably stopped reading at the first paragraph, know you'll never want a refund, you're in the course right now, and I'm writing to a ghost.

If you're new to me (read the previous sentence because you'll feel the same soon), and proceed with total peace of mind.

We're all in this together.

I've got you covered.

Simple, fair policy: Go through the first 2 training modules within 2 months and if you don't see tremendous value right from the start, I'll be glad to provide a full refund. Simple as that. Professional courtesy: once you've downloaded any bonus materials, clearly it will be because you've gone through several or all training modules and understand the value of the program. I would expect no refund requests beyond that point. Fair?

Proceed with confidence. My job is to make your job easier, not stress you. Work with me, we have a lot of damage control and healing to do. I guarantee your satisfaction. You can take that to the bank.

FREEDOM. I live and die for it.

Gluten chaos is stealing freedom from people.

We can solve this. Easily. Start now...

Complete payment and register to the course at the same time below. Once you hit "submit form", you'll receive an email instantly with your access code.

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(1)New England Journal of Medicine Oct 23, 2003;1673-4 (2)Gasbarrini G., Ciccocioppo R., et al. Club del Tenue Study Group. 2001. "Coeliac disease in the elderly. A multicentre Italian study". Gerontology 47, 306–310 (3)Pediatrics Vol.113 No.6 June 2004 (4)Cade R., Privette M., et al. (2000). "Autism and schizophrenia: intestinal disorders". Nutrition Neuroscience. 3, 57–72 (5)Journal of Attention Disorders, March 2006, 1-5 (6)British Medical Journal, Vol.318, June 26, 1999 (7)The Journal of the American Medical Association, Sept 16, 2009, Vol 302, No.11 (8)The Lancet Neurology 2010; 9: 318–30 (9)Peña AS, Crusius JB, "Central America in Transition: From Maize to Wheat Challenges and Opportunities", Nutrients. 2015 Aug 26;7(9):7163-71