Anything I suggest on this page is either something I personally do / use, or a product I've not needed myself, but seen great success with in others

SUPPLEMENTS - Ideally you're working with a qualified practitioner, holistic doctor, etc., ... if you're in damage control mode, I always suggest testing for deficiencies. It's always good to know exactly where you need a hand. That said, these are either permanent staples in my diet, or go-to's for those who don't eat high raw and need to occasionally detox.

P.S. Not being deficient doesn't necessarily mean optimal. There are studies showing patients suffering from Chronic Fatigue, their thiamine levels were normal on tests, but when they supplemented with clinical levels, their fatigue went away. Still, you want guidance from a qualified practitioner when possible.

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  While I do check with companies before posting, for the same reasons I don't approve of grocery guides and think the only way to be safe is to check ingredients each time, please know that things change with food and supplement manufacturers often. Facilities change, they may expand and outsource to co-packers who don't have dedicated GF facilities, etc. I obviously can't monitor these changes daily, so please always practice the same caution as I suggest in my A to Z guide, even with products I've tried myself in the past and recommend. (Yes, I know, tedious, frustrating... I live with Celiac too and all I can say is it can be a whole lot worse. We should still be grateful we don't need meds, transfusions, and so many things others are dealing with.)

MCT oil : this isn't just brain food, it's the oil that's in a well-oiled machine. I chug it right out of the bottle

Probiotics : I like that they’re time released and don’t get destroyed by your natural stomach acids.

Vitamin B12 : Critical to nerve and brain health and our devastated earth is being depleted of it more and more. Don’t kid yourself, it’s not just for vegans, there are studies showing 30-40% of general populations are deficient, omnivores included. Note: careful with the cheaper cyanide based products

Glutathione : This is critical for cell repair and maintenance. Every cell in your body and brain.  Allergen friendly, and I like that it contains Alpha Lipoic Acid, NAC, and Organic Milk Thistle. You're detoxifying and strengthening at the same time.

Ubiquinol: (advanced form of Co-Enzyme Q10), shown to alleviate several symptoms in Autism, even though it's more known for heart health. It's a powerful antioxidant that's helpful in many ways. Be careful of less expensive versions that usually contain fillers, soy, gluten... Supplements, like food, are something to always get the highest quality of, every time.

Liquid Chlorophyll : this is particularly important if you aren't eating enough greens. Splash into a glass and add water, sip or chug, just get it into your system. Detox and nutrifies at the same time...

Activated Charcoal : Excellent easy cleanse. It chelates to metals and toxins and helps excrete them. IMPORTANT Note: can negate the effects of medications, including the pill, so use cautiously or avoid if you are on medication (goes to show you what a great cleanse it is, simple and inexpensive)

Glucosamine with Chondroitin Turmeric : Inflammation is epidemic and creates very serious health issues, and not everyone has the time for raw anti-inflammatory foods. Athlete or not, if you’re suffering from back or joint pain, even arthritis, consider this supplement.

Micellized Vitamin D : Don’t worry about the price, you get 750 servings per bottle. Unless you get 15-20 minutes of direct sun daily, you need to supplement. Notice you never meet depressed surfers?

Magnesium : Deficiency in magnesium is so common. Solved my insomnia problem singlehandedly, but magnesium is important for so much more. Note: Don’t buy this if you buy trace minerals, magnesium is included in it…

Liquid Trace Minerals : This one goes under the radar often and it’s minerals that literally electrify and energize you. I always put drops under my tongue just before I sip on a smoothie or chlorophyll water, swirl 30 seconds, then swallow. I like this brand because it has aloe vera too, very healing.

Turmeric : organic, glass bottle (see a pattern?), Turmeric/Curcumin is the #1 anti-inflammatory in the world. So essential in our highly inflammatory world

Omega-3 in Flaxseed Oil : Organic, cold pressed, glass bottle, and the cleanest form of omega-3's.

Açaí : This one isn't just marketing hype. It prevents intestinal inflammation, protects your brain, and is a super power antioxidant. I'm in. Great smoothie ingredient.

Dulse : All sea vegetables are great for you, this one has the mildest, least fishy taste. Since I suggest staying away from seafood, why do I recommend this? Because it’s such a powerful food, it self-cleanses ocean toxins then does the same for you. Add to soups and salads - super easy. I suggest a heaping tablespoon or two at least 3-4 times a week. And for plant-based diets, sea vegetables are critical for maintaining good nutrition.

Iodine (Detoxified... stick to this specific brand): Quality matters in everything you consume, but when it come to specific things, the couple of you trying to cut corners... this isn't the time to do it. Follow the instructions carefully, too much can lead to issues.

Thiamine (B1, also spelled Thiamin): B-Complex is great overall, but B1 specifically helps those with thyroid issues. Many people find relief from chronic fatigue in just days. The trick is to bypass stomach acids and make sure you're absorbing. To do that, opt for liquid or sublingual and allow under your tongue a full minute.

Grape Seed Extract: It's a little surprising how powerful GSE is. I don't like the word anti-aging because I don't think magic pills will reverse time. But something that feeds your cells, a complex antioxidant... Grape seeds contains mainly phenols such as proanthocyanidins. I like this particular brand because it's organic, transparent about source, and liquid, which makes it easy to throw into smoothies.

JUICER - You want slow, cold-pressed. Omega is what I've been using for years. It works fantastically for herbs and wheat grass as well, with the least amount of loss of nutrients. I've also implemented it in juice bars I've consulted (for wheat grass, they usually have massive commercial juicers for everything else), and it can run all day.

BLENDER I've had every blender on earth, worked with them in my kitchen and commercially, I choose Blendtec every time. It gets the perfect smooth texture I like and it does it with one-button simplicity.

DEHYDRATOR Tried, tested, true, Excalibur. TIP: Buy the max trays because even if you're single, you'll need them all. When you make a batch of something, you want it to count, and it won't actually last long. I can munch through a bowl of veggie chips in a day, and it takes a lot of trays to make a bowl. Looks like a lot when you're ordering, won't be enough when you start using it.

YOGA - I'd die without these videos. I have every single video in her collection and use them all. Easy to do at home, easy to travel with, and they cover everything from relaxed stretches/toning, power yoga/cardio, and even brain rejuvenating meditation.

Don't worry if you can't do all the poses from the start. After 2 decades, I still can't balance my body at an angle on my hands (crow pose). When she gets to that part, I do either push-ups or crunches and then join her when she moves to next pose. Don't stress, just modify all you need. In the beginning, you might not even modify, you might simply watch and sit out that minute. That's fine. Anything goes. My 5 favorites from her below.  If you want a total body workout, I suggest you get the Core/Upper and Core/Lower. Between those two programs, you'll get total body toning.

If you're new to yoga, take it slow. It took me an entire month to ever get through a 20 minute routine. Progress a few minutes at a time and it's helpful to sometimes turn the DVD off and practice a pose over and over until you're comfortable with it. No pressure, ok?


MEDITATION - This is the best book I've ever read on meditation for beginners. Makes it so simple and takes all pressure off. It's practical and realistic for any lifestyle:

WATER - Is anything more important? Researching water filters was the most maddening experience I've ever had, and if you've done it, you know what I mean. Talk about conflicting information and companies undermining each other's systems, and on and on.

I found one company I like, and here's why:

  1. Modern Technology (not 40+ year old technology that is now too integrated into their marketing as well as manufacturing facilities to change, which is the issue I found with their top competitor). Their filters are the same as medical grade for kidney dialysis patients, I definitely like that.
  2. They back up their product with the best warranty in the world.
  3. They have a portable stainless steel filter that is perfect as a supplemental for travel/work, or if you can't afford their big kitchen machine, you can use their small portable as your main water filter for as long as you need (be sure to renew filters). That's a fantastic $100 solution.

CLICK HERE to see all their products.