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Success Stories and Testimonials
By submitting your success story or testimonial, you agree I can use it on Jaqui Karr sites, in my books, and any other media. If you do not wish your testimonial to be used publicly, I'd still love to know how you're doing - just please indicate it is a private message.


Refund policy: simple and fair. Firstly, I would never want anyone feeling anything but completely happy working with me, so I'll always take care of you... you have my word.

I'm detailed in the description of the program and hope you read through it carefully so that you know what you're getting. That said, if you want a refund, I ask that you go through the first 2 training modules within 2 months, and if you feel I haven't over-delivered, I'll gladly refund you with zero hassle.

To be fair to my work, no refunds after downloading bonus materials/checklists (PDF'S) - this will be clearly indicated on those pages. I thank you in advance for having professional courtesy.

FYI - no one ever asks for refunds in my programs, but having a house policy is good. My reason for living is about improving our whole world, not stressing yours. My job is to make yours easier so you can reach more people. Order with confidence, I personally guarantee you'll be happy no matter what.


Recommended Products
There are products and services I sometimes recommend. Sometimes I'm an affiliate and make a commission, other times I do not.

At ALL times I recommend only what I personally use and would recommend to my closest friends and family. I see my online family as an extension of my offline one and would never do you wrong. I can also tell you this: quite often I remove a product that I was an affiliate for and made commission with because something better came onto the market and the better item didn't have an affiliate program. My priority is and will always be to suggest the best of what I find. You can take that to the bank.

This comes down to trust. Do you trust that I would never compromise my integrity to sell you something? If you don't, you should not be on my site and you should be on someone's that you trust. I don't mean that harshly; I would just never want someone to work with me unless they trust me.


Thank you for exploring my site/program, I'm honored to help you by sharing any experience and knowledge I have.
Jaqui Karr